Monday, June 9, 2008

Your Life: Comedy or Tragedy

Ever wonder if your life is a comedy or tragedy? Well I did not till I stumbled upon a movie scene. "Stranger than Fiction" (2006) , and roughly here is the scene.

The guy keeps talking to a girl in a bakery. He has a small empty notebook, and on each of the facing pages are the titles "COMEDY" and "TRAGEDY" respectively. As he is conversing with the girl he marks a line every time he says something with a sense of humor on the comedy side. Every time he offends the girl, or says something stupid he marks a line on the tragedy side.

Try to track your conversations with people and see are they humorous in general, or are they morbid. If you don't agree with something, do you end a conversation with a laugh saying "that's a good way to look at it", or do you pout and say "I don't agree with you"?

Below is a good difference between tragedy and comedy thinking, from the source



We feel

We think

We're unique

We're like everyone else

We strive for the ideal

We accept the real

We despair the human condition

We celebrate our humanness

We can't change

We change in the nick of time

We're crippled for life

We learn from life

God punishes us

Other people humble us

It's someone else's fault

We asked for it

We die!

We live!

Bottom Line: Have a sense of humor, especially in difficult situations.


  1. I think for me it's a mix, with some leaning towards the comedy side.

    Thank you for an interesting thought!

  2. Vered,

    Thank you. You are the first and the only one so far to comment :-)

    I stumbled across your blog from, and really like the photos from your blog. It also has a good mix of articles.

  3. Thanks.

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