Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Musing and Amusing

Everyone wonders, ponders, scratches their head once in a while. Not because of dandruff, lice or because of too much time on their hands. One sometimes may be amused by these too and most probably not.

Our so called musings might provide the insight into how we perceive life or a problem. For example, after waking up, you stumble onto the porch, pick up your morning papers and does not care about the neighbor’s dog littering on your porch. You are in good shape. You are focused and not distracted by the little annoying things that creep on you. But if you go out, and think about the dog, neighbor and what not, and scream at the paper boy for throwing your paper a micro inch outside your fence, you have problems.

Same with Amusing. What amuses you? A kid telling he caught a 10 feet fish, or your boss losing his/her head?

For whoever treading on a self-improvement path, the best place to start is analyzing their musings and amusings (I know their is no such word, but hey this is my blog). They tell you about your mood that day, your strengths and sense of humor and so much more.

So go ahead and log on your morning (and if you have the patience, afternoon and midnight) musings, and the stuff that amuses you.

You might discover after all you do not need self-improvement books and videos. You just might need to notice the right stuff, and focus on the stuff that matters.

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