Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Save yourself in new place

Quotes that will help in real life

From the book “Turning Tables” by Heather and Rose MacDoweel, Hard cover - Pg: 44

“Never Ask Why” (try not to even think it). Say “Of course” or “I’ll attend to it immediately” ‘

“DO: Treat bus boys like a rich aunt .If you’r nice to them, you stand to make a lot more money”

My comments: Here bus boys could refer to the people at lower level than you, but on whom you depend. For example, the assistants who research your material at work, the paper boy who delivers you’r daily paper. Money could be literal or a metaphor for any kind of help.

“DON’T: Be honest if anyone asks how you like working at Roulette. You love what you do and plan to stay forever.”

My comments: Substitute Roulette with your work place, or if you are visiting relatives their place. No one likes to think they are working/living in a place that is not cool.

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