Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to manage multiple projects

My previous post focused on how to start and finish.

But how do you know which of the billion things on your plate to focus on? There are many cogent methods to getting things done. But how to them both effectively and efficiently. Which of the things to do? All of them or Some of them?

The method I am following now is
  1. List all projects and subtasks
  2. Group Similar projects to eliminate redundancy. I discovered most of the time projects have some similar tasks (i.e material from can be reused in other project)
  3. Divide the day into 3 segments
  4. In Segment 1 , try to finish as many small tasks as possible (irrespective of project)
  5. In Segment 2, Focus on the most urgent project (based on deadline)
  6. In segment 3, Focus on the high yield projects (based on high return)
Below, I tried to summarize in 3 steps, the systems that inspired me.

Getting Things Done
  • A List Method, Divide the list into sub lists called next action.
  • 2 minute principle
  • Do it, file it or trash it.

Four Hour Work Week
  • Follows the 80/20 principle.
  • 80% of the benefits are derived from 20% (friends, projects, etc.)
  • 80% of the things can be done in 20 % of the time.
21 Segments
  • Each week consists of 21 segments;
  • 3 segments per day: morning, afternoon and evening
  • Organize your activities into these segments.
Printable CEO
  • Track tasks and how much time you spend on each of them
  • Mark your time in 15 minute bubbles
  • Several visual templates

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